Frequently asked questions

What are the key dates for this competition?

BrushStrokes 2021 Key Dates

30 March - launch date, schools notified of competition.

30 April – we would appreciate receipt of Expressions of Interest from schools by this date.

1 July – online facility open for teachers to upload entry forms and artwork images.

6 August – final day to upload entries.

7-13 August – initial judging to identify works suitable for exhibition, based on quality and capacity of exhibition space.

16-17 August – schools notified of entries selected for exhibition and final judging, requesting they prepare art works for delivery to KSW.

27 August – schools to deliver art works to KSW, between the hours of 10am and 5pm.

28 August - 1 September – hang exhibits in exhibition venue.

1-2 September – final judging to select prize winners.

2 September – exhibition opening and awards night.

3-10 September – exhibition and sale of art works.

12 September – schools and purchasers of Artworks to collect art works from KWS between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

How to make better photographs of your artwork

It's important that a little thought is put into ensuring you take a quality photo of your artwork. It would be disappointing if your photo does not adequately display the merits of your work because of a poorly taken photo.

What kind of camera?
Most mobile phones will take an image that is more than good enough to allow our judges to properly assess the merits of your artwork.

What to look out for:

Whatever kind of camera you use, it is very important to have good lighting. Preferably use day light. Either go outside in the shade with your work and take a photo or take a snap by a window taking care that you don’t have direct sunlight on your work.

Shadows and glare
Be careful not to create a shadow of yourself on the photo of your artwork. Also watch out for glare or any reflections on your work.

Keep it level
Make sure that you take the picture whilst being level with your work. Use an easel, kneel or sit down to be at the same level as your drawing or painting. Keep all sides square when you look into your view finder.

Editing your pictures
There are many art editing programs that you can download on to you phone or use on your computer. For instance, Adobe Photoshop, Photo Editor, PicsArt and many more.

Using the option given to you on your smart phone also gives you plenty of options. You can adjust the light, square sides up, crop your image, you can even brighten the colours with a simple filter to more accurately depict the real-life colours of your artwork.

Please remember that the aim is to present an image that is a true representation of your real work, which will be judged “in the flesh” should you be selected to participate in the exhibition.

How Do I Submit My Entry?

Entries are to be submitted through the art department/teacher at the student’s school. For further information see “Conditions of Entry”.

Are there any entry fees?

No, entry is free for year 7 to 12 students attending secondary schools on the Sunshine Coast.

What information do I have to submit?

After your art teacher has confirmed that your work is eligible for the competition (in the top 3 of your year group and category) then you should send the following to your art teacher for uploading to the competition website.

  • A scanned copy of the completed and signed entry form.
  • A scanned copy of a photo of your artwork.

What size should the image of my artwork be?

Your image should be of high enough resolution to give a true representation of your artwork.

Maximum file size is 5mb.

What happens after my artwork has been submitted?

  • Your entry will be uploaded to the competition website.
  • After competition entries close the judges will select the works that qualify for display at the exhibition at Kawana Shoppingworld (KWS).
  • Your school will arrange for delivery of your artwork to KWS on the specified date.
  • The competition artworks will be hung in the KWS gallery.
  • The judges will select the prize-winning entries in each year group and category as well as the “Best in Show”.
  • All exhibitors will be invited to the exhibition opening and awards night.
  • The exhibition will be open for viewing and sale of artworks from 3 to 10 September 2021.

Can I remove or replace my entry once it has been uploaded?

Yes, as long as your art teacher agrees, and the event coordinator is notified before the competition closing date. This might occur in limited circumstances, e.g. when you’ve completed a new work that you prefer near the closing date.